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layout image Extinct The Day After


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Track listing:
  1. Little Red Cap
  2. Zombie Boat
  3. Tunnel
  4. Unborn
  5. Labyrinth Hub
  6. Sheithu
  7. Piano Flower
  8. Ionized
Genre: ambient / industrial
Format: CD, digifile
Release date: 18th December 2015 (digital)
22nd January 2016 (physical)
47:51 | Offshoot (Psychonavigation Records) | OFF031 | 708527005538
Screenshot music video IonizedIonizedMusic video
Also available on Bandcamp

Overall, this is what I like to file under "easy listening for the difficult music set."

Chain D.L.K.

Das lässt sich nicht immer leicht konsumieren, bleibt aber über die Länge des Albums hinweg spannend.

Club Debil

Confrontational and eerie, Arpatle's "Quapi" is an engrossing listen.

Beach Sloth